Richmond, BC



What Kiwanis Can Do for You…

  • Provide insight into issues affecting the local and global community.

  • An opportunity to expand business and professional networking.

  • Provide the opportunity for lasting friendships and the fellowships often lacking in a work-a-day world.

  • Involve you in the life of the community; provide a better understanding of its problems.

  • Encourage you to share your own ideas and opinions with others in your peer group.

  • Develop your leadership skills by serving the club in positions of responsibility.

  • Provide you with a sense of fulfillment and impart the knowledge that your effort makes a difference

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What You Can Do for Kiwanis

  • Participate regularly in meetings and club functions. Give club members a chance to know you better – to build lasting friendships with you.

  • Strengthen Kiwanis by lending your talents and special skills where they are needed.

  • Speak out. Share your ideas with others.

  • Give recognition to other members for their contributions to the organization and community.

  • Recruit new members. Invite your friends to join.